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Bespoke Course

Our tailored training courses provide learners with specific skills to be able to manage emergencies in challenging or high risk environments when standard medical assistance is limited.

BLS scenario designed for bespoke training course
manikins used for FREC 4 training course
emergency ambulance responding to training scenario



Elevate your preparedness with our tailored First Aid and Medical Training Courses, specifically crafted for individuals working in remote, high-risk, or hostile environments.


Our courses go beyond traditional training, offering specialised content essential for handling emergencies in challenging settings. Delve into topics such as wilderness first aid, remote trauma care, and advanced medical response, equipping you with the skills needed in environments where standard medical assistance may be limited.


What sets us apart is our commitment to customisation – our courses can be tailored to address the unique challenges of your industry, ensuring relevance and practicality. Whether you work in expeditionary settings, security operations, or remote exploration, our bespoke courses guarantee that you are well-prepared for any medical scenario.


Invest in your safety and that of your team. Enquire now to discuss how our courses can be uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs.

What is involved?

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