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First Aid

Learn the essential skills to be able to react to emergencies with our First Aid courses, empowering you to make the difference when it matters. 

BLS scenario during first aid training course
airway manikins for FREC courses
emergency response ambulance


Embark on a life-saving journey with our comprehensive 1-Day First Aid Course designed for individuals seeking essential skills in emergency response.


This course is perfect for busy professionals, parents, teachers, and anyone keen on acquiring fundamental first aid knowledge. In just one day, participants will cover a range of critical topics, including;


CPR techniques.

Wound care.

Choking management.

Basic life support.

Epipen Use (for Anaphylaxis)


Our experienced instructors will guide you through practical scenarios to ensure you leave with the confidence to respond effectively in first aid emergencies.


Don't miss this opportunity to become a capable first responder. Enroll now and be prepared to make a difference in crucial moments.


For those requiring an accredited first aid qualification, we can provide the Qualsafe level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day) and the Qualsafe Level 3 award in First aid at work (3 days). 

What is involved?

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